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Some general notes

Here you may find a small collection of utilities that resulted from reverse-engineering the file formats of various games (mostly adventures, that is). All programs come with full source code, written either for Borland Pascal (DOS) or as a console application for Borland Delphi 7.

Please keep in mind that most programs here are quick, bug-infested, fault-intolerant hacks. And a lot of them are years old. Which shows. So use them at your own risk!

You may basically use the executables and source code for whatever purpose you like, but retain my copyright notices. In the unlikely event that you derive work from one of these sources, be sure to mention my base work in your own copyright notices. Should you intend to include any of this code (or a derivative of it) in a commercial application, I would be grateful if you contacted me.

Most software published here is released under a BSD-style license, as far as I am the copyright holder. Exemptions may exist; please refer to the documents readme.txt and license.txt contained within the packages.

Please also note that the product names mentioned on this page are usually copyrighted. Hence, all trademarks and copyrights (where applicable) are property of their respective owners.

'Nuff talked, gimme those files!

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Title Download Notes and comments
A New Beginning
Chaos on Deponia
Goodbye Deponia
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
The Whispered World
and probably many more ... Extracts files from data.vis,* and scene.vs*. Based on Luigi Auriemma's Visionaire extraction script, but includes a method to correctly export the PNG files that have been partially encrypted. Might also work for other games using the Visionaire engine; consult the readme file for details on finding the encryption key to yet unsupported games.
Contains tools for versions 3, 4 and 5 of the Visionaire engine.
A Vampyre Story
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
Broken Sword: The Angel of Death
Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse Contains a tool to extract files from VT7A and VSA archives as well as a tool to convert TEX graphic/texture files.
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon Contains a converter for the audio content of RenderWare streams (RWS files). While many games use the RenderWare engine, the particular audio format used in these files might be specific to this game. The PAK extractor now also supports extracting files with their correct names.
Deer Hunter 2004/2005 Archive creators (packers) for both Deer Hunter 2004 and Deer Hunter 2005, optionally supporting archive compression and encryption. Based on the work of Luigi Auriemma, where you may also find matching unpacker scripts.
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey You may also use the included (manually verified) directory file (df-directory.txt) to replace the one included in Grumbel's DFToolBox to get more correct names.
Driv3r/Driver: Parallel Lines Also contains a converter to create XA files.
Gray Matter
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Might also work for other games using GOB archives. Also contains a decompressor for sounds found in CND archives. Note that not all theoretically possible compression schemes are supported.
Jack Orlando The included PAK extractor might not work with all game editions.
Memento Mori
NiBiRu These utilities should work for Black Mirror as well.
Ripley's Believe It Or Not: The Riddle of Master Lu Parts of this source code, especially (but not limited to) the SS sprite decompressor, have been based on the work of Benjamin Haisch.
Might work for Orion Burger as well.
Secret Files: Tunguska
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis
Secret Files 3
Lost Horizon Includes support for savegame decompression as well as a creator for SPR archives and savegames.
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary/Judgment Rites
Star Trek: DS9 Harbinger This package contains a crudely implemented library to handle data compressed by the PKWare Data Compression Library (based on the reverse-engineering work of Ben Rudiak-Gould). If you can, you should use the way better Blast implementation by Mark Adler instead of this library.
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Might work for Klingon Academy as well.
Still Life This is just a simple "decryption tool" for the SLS files Still Life uses for configuration data. The SL resource files can be processed using the Syberia toolset below.
Syberia 1/2 Should work for Still Life as well.
The 7th Guest Contains an adapted version of the AviWriter unit by Elliott Shevin.
The 11th Hour Actually, as I later found out, the ROL/ROQ/RNR format is probably quite similar (or maybe identical) to the ROQ format used in Quake 3. Since the source code for Quake 3 has been released, you might study the sources directly to learn about the format.
The Last Express Updated for NIS and SEQ files.
The Legend of Kyrandia trilogy
The Longest Journey Tested with the original 4 CD release. Later versions (re-releases comprised of two CDs or one DVD) were prepared with better audio compression (standard OGG files renamed to *.ovs), thus the ISN2WAV audio converter included in this archive will not work with those new releases.
Contains the graphical application TLJView (modeled after the seemingly abandoned TLJ Viewer, which converts images with wrong colors) to view the structure and content of the game's file system more clearly.
The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of The Serrated Scalpel Note that the game has to be installed in the "save time" mode (i. e. the resource files have to be decompressed) for these utilities to work correctly.
Raw sound converter Just a generic raw-to-wave sound converter supporting wildcard input.
Libraries A collection of DOS units needed to compile some of the above programs (should you decide to do so yourself).
Contains part of the VesaLib library by MonsterSoft.
IMA ADPCM manager library Source code to IMAMgr.dll, a library providing basic IMA ADPCM compression/decompression functions. Uses a wonky API, not recommended for general consumption.
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